Consultants & Fellows

Dr. Guido den Dekker

Guido den Dekker is with the Supreme Court litigation department of Dutch law firm BarentsKrans. His practice covers the full range of Supreme Court litigation, from contract law and tort law to financial law, labour law and family law. He is specialized in public international law and in those matters often acts in disputes against the Dutch State and for international organizations. He previously worked as a researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University in the Department of International Law, and as an attorney in Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD in law (The Law of Arms Control, 2001) from the University of Amsterdam.

Dr. John Freeman (Associate Fellow)

John Freeman was until 2011 Deputy Director General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague. He is now British Ambassador-designate to Argentina (and Non-resident to Paraguay). Prior to joining the OPCW in 2006, Dr. Freeman served in a succession of diplomatic appointments, including as UK Ambassador for Multilateral Arms Control and Disarmament and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, as UK Ambassador to the UN in Vienna, and as UK Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO. Earlier in his career he also held appointments in the UK Ministry of Defence. Dr. Freeman is a member of the Royal Society’s Advisory Committee on the Scientific Aspects of International Security.

Professor Dr. Terry Gill

Terry Gill is Professor of Military Law at the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Defence Academy and Associate Professor of Public International Law at Utrecht University. He is Director of the Research Program on the Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations at the Amsterdam Centre for International Law and of the Netherlands Research Forum on the Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Operations (LACPO). Professor Gill is a member of the editorial boards of the Netherlands Journal of International Law, The Military Law Review (Militair Rechtelijk Tijdschrift), the Journal of Armed Conflict & Security Law and the Journal of International Peacekeeping. Professor Gill's research is primarily in the areas of international law relating to the use of force and peace operations, international humanitarian law and military operational law.

Dr. Bibi van Ginkel

Dr. Bibi van Ginkel, LL.M. is a senior research fellow at Clingendael Security and Conflict Programme. She is also a fellow at the International Centre on Couter-Terrorism (ICCT) The Hague. Her research concentrates on (international) legal aspects of security issues. She focuses especially on legal aspects of combating terrorism in both a national and an international context. She received her doctorate at Utrecht University (2010) on a dissertation on the practice of the United Nations on combating terrorism. Prior to joining Clingendael she lectured international law at Utrecht University. She is also a member of the Peace and Security Committee of the Advisory Council of International Affairs. 

Professor Ramses Wessel

Ramses Wessel is Professor of the Law of the European Union and other International Organizations, Dean (ad interim) at the School of Management and Governance and Co-Director of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His expertise lies in the area of EU External Relations, EU Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, international organizations (incl. the UN) and the interface between global, EU and domestic law (‘multilevel regulation’). He is also co-founder and member of the Governing Board of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) in The Hague.